Bed Bug Containment Mat

Part #: 10005

Bed Bugs are known hitchhikers. They “hitchhike” on your bags, shoes, purses while you are at the movie theater, in a cab, on the bus or even at work! The Bed Bug Containment Mat prevents everyday household items, which may contain bed bugs, from entering your household and becoming a full blown infestation.


Features two Disposable Detection Traps (10004) with glue strip, where bed bugs become trapped once they leave your article of clothing or bag

The smooth mat prevents bed bugs from crawling off the mat and into your home

For use in home, garages, daycares, schools and offices

Non-toxic glue strip immobilizes bed bugs

Clear top of Disposable Detection Trap allows for easier monitoring of trapped bed bugs

Raised pattern helps keep items dry and difficult for bed bugs to climb

Where to Use

The Containment Mat should be used within all entry points to homes to help deter the spread of bed bugs