bed bug detection trap






Clear lid allows you to easily monitor bed but activity


bed bug detection

Textured outer rim easily allows bed bugs to crawl up into recessed and removable glue cartridge


Bed bugs are attracted to porous materials with many crevices where they can hide. The textured base of the Detection Trap allows bed bugs to easily climb up into the trap, attempting to find a hiding spot, where they become trapped in the replaceable glue cartridge.


  • To be used to monitor and trap bugs in beds, furniture, sofas etc.
  • Replaceable glue cartridge - No touching of trapped bed bugs
  • Cartridges disposable with household waste
  • Long-lasting, non-toxic, odor-free and child safe glue
  • Textured base of trap helps bed bugs crawl into the glue
  • Recessed glue cartridge contains bed bugs in the glue and prevents them from crawling back out
  • Clear top allows for easier monitoring of trapped bed bugs
  • Sold in pack of 4


 BEAP Co's Detection Trap can easily be modified into a Quick-Response Active Trap by integrated our patented C02 and Heat Generating System (sold seperately) 

rutgers testing beapco

BEAPCo.'s Quick-Response Detection Kit has been tested by Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences for its effectiveness at quicly catching beg bugs

Click here to download our complete test results and see for yourself how effective our Quick-Response Kit works at alerting you to possible bed bug infestations




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Where to Use

The Detection Trap can be used in any piece of furniture or bedding to alert you to potential bed bug activity. The trap can also be used as a means to gauge the effectiveness of your pest control program.

-Between box spring and mattress
-Underneath beds and sofas
-In between sofa cushions
-On floor near known infestation points


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