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The Quick-Response Refill Kit refills components of your Bed Bug Travel Kit (10025) or your Bed Bug Home and Travel Kit (10027). Protect yourself from bed bugs during travel or while at home.

The Quick-Response Refill Kit specializes in mimicking your sleeping body by generating carbon dioxide and heat to actively attract bed bugs from their hiding places and into the Detection Traps (Detection Traps sold separately).


  • Refills Deluxe Bed Bug Travel Kit (#10025) and Home and Travel Kit (#10027)
  • Takes one minute to setup- Simply add water to Carbon Dioxide Generator to start capturing bed bugs
  • Works in combination with BEAPCo’s Detection Trap (#10019) in order to actively trap bed bugs from their hiding spot by generating heat and carbon dioxide, mimicking your sleeping body
  • Know quickly if your bed or piece of furniture is infested with bed bugs
  • All contents in kit are safe for travelling on plane!

BEAPCo.'s Quick-Response Detection Kit has been tested by Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences for its effectiveness at quicly catching beg bugs

Click here to download our complete test results and see for yourself how effective our Quick-Response Kit works at alerting you to possible bed bug infestations



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Where to Use

The Quick-Response Refill Kit® is a replaceable kit and can be used in combination with BEAPCo’s Detection Trap #10019 to actively attract and trap bed bugs by mimicking our sleeping body.

-Between box spring and mattress

-Underneath beds and sofas

-In between sofa cushions

-On floor near known infestation points



Quick-Response Refill Kit® (CO2 GENERATOR x2, HEAT GENERATING PAD x2)


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