Bed Bug Travel Protection Kit

BB Quick-Response Kit


Quick-Response Detection Kit allows you to determine if your hotel room bed is infested with bed bugs




You do everything you can to protect your home from a bed bug infestation but all it takes is an overnight business trip or vacation to bring bed bugs home with you! The Bed Bug Travel Kit contains everything you need to protect yourself while travelling and to prevent bed bugs from returning home with you.

The Kit specializes in mimicking your sleeping body by generating carbon dioxide and heat to actively attract bed bugs from their hiding places and into the traps.


-Innovative Quick-Response® Detection Kit takes one minute to setup and quickly alerts you to potential bed bug activity.

-Actively attracts bed bugs from their hiding spot by generating heat and carbon dioxide to mimic your sleeping body.

-Know quickly if your hotel bed is infested with bed bugs!

-Features aerosol spray for immediately killing bed bugs and to prevent bed bugs from spreading.

-Includes dissolvable laundry bag: When travelling, simply place all dirty clothes into bag and place directly in wash once you return home. Any bed bugs who have hitch hiked with you home will be killed in the wash.

-Perfect for frequent travelers or vacationers.

-All contents in kit are safe and legal for travelling on plane!


bed bug travel kit safe for travel

rutgers testing beapco

BEAPCo.'s Quick-Response Detection Kit has been tested by Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences for its effectiveness at quicly catching beg bugs  

 Click here to download our complete test results and see for yourself how effective our Quick-Response Kit works at alerting you to possible bed bug infestations



Where to Use

The Bed Bug Deluxe Travel Kit gives you all the necessary tools to detect and eliminate bed bugs while travelling in hotel or resort.

The Kit can be used to detect and eliminate bed bugs in:
-Beds, box springs, mattresses
-Chairs, side tables and night stands
-Luggage, Purses


2 x Quick-Response Kit (Carbon Dioxide Generator, Heat Pads and Detection Traps x 2) Replaceable Non-Toxic Glue Cartridges x6 Bed Bug Killer Spray (90ML) x1 Dissolvable Laundry Bag x1 LED Flashlight x1 Latex Free Protective Glove x2 Nylon Carrying Case x1 Instructional Manual x1

Download Instruction Sheet - Travel Kit


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