BEAPCO offers a full range of passive and active monitoring and detection devices for pests such as bed bugs, fruit flies and more!

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bed bug quick response 6hr

Professional Quick-Response Bed Bug Detection Kit

  • Quickly and efficiently verify bed bug claims and monitor problem units.
  • Ideal for overnight bed bug trapping and monitoring.
  • Used in conjunction with BEAPCO's Bed Bug Prevention Protocol.
    -Hospitality Managers
    -Property Managers
bed bug surge protector

Bed Bug Detecting Surge Protector with Lure Attractant

  • Continuous monitoring of bed bug activity and constant protection from the spread of bed bugs from unit to unit.
  • Completely discreet, 900 Joule surge protector included.
  • Includes high intensity lure attractant developed by Rutger's University. Proven to perform.
  • Used in conjunction with BEAPCO's Bed Bug Prevention Protocol.
    -Hospitality Managers
    -Property Managers
Bed Bug Detection Traps

Passive Bed Bug Detection Trap

  • Continuous, passive detection trap which can be placed throughout furniture, mattress and boxsprings and on ground near head boards.
  • Hard plastic frame allows trap to be placed in between seat cushions, mattresses and box springs.
  • Will not disintegrate like cardboard traps.
  • Replaceable Cartridges Available
Drop-Ins XL Fruit Fly Traps (12pk)

XL Drop-Ins Fruit Fly Trap

  • Pre-baited, food grade lure solution works actively for 30 days to trap fruit flies
  • Conical trap design easily allows fruit flies in, but is too narrow for them to escape
  • Non-spill design prevents leaking if dropped
  • Wall mount holder allows for more discreet and trapping under tables, counter tops etc (sold seperately)